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You are not alone, millions of people suffer from nail fungus. Very briefy I would like to explain in simple terms what toenail fungus is and what the best and frugal way to cure toenail fungus (or any nail fungus) is.

Okay so here we go.

What is toenail fungus? -: Toe Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is a condition that occurs when a microscopic fungus enters either a fingernail or toenail (more common in toes). Infections are more common with older people. Nail fungus can prove risky for diabetics and folks with weaker immune system. 

What are the regular symptoms associated with nail fungus? Some of the common symptoms associated with the infection include the following; skin lesions, yellowish in color, thickened nail, pains in the toes or fingernails, ragged, and several others.

What are the treatment Options? There are a couple of ways to treat the infection including laser surgery, medical creams, and many home remedies such as Vinegar & Vitamin E Oil, Vicks Vapor Rub, Apple Cider Vinegar/Baking Soda/Warm Water, Tea tree oil/Vitamin E Oil)

So as you can see either you can shell some big dollars and do some laser treatment or get into some tedious home remedies which would involve applying some smelly Vicks Vapor Rub or soak your feet for about 20 minutes in some warm vinegar concoction. Now I am sure you know by now that toenail fungus is pretty stubborn and can often be chronic. So can you picture yourself making a warm vinegar solution twice a day and soaking your feet for 20 minutes or applying vicks vapor rub just before some guests come home.

How about a stronger healthier easier

 and natural solution. 

So that is why my favorite solution is ZetaClear:

Why Zeta clear?



Zetaclear: with this natural nail fungus remover, you are almost guaranteed lasting relief from nail fungus. The product contains a combination of natural ingredients capable of curbing the spread o

f the infection from toe to toe. Unlike other remedies, it tackles the infection from the root on two fronts. The product is a 2-in-1 remedy that contains an oral spray and a topical clear solution. The oral spray is sprayed into the mouth to be absorbed into the bloodstream, while the topical solution is applied on the affected part.

To order ZetaClear Click here. 

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